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HR Manager turns out to be a zombie and starts eating people's brains!

Okay, so I tried my hands on the new AI that has been talk of the web ChatGPT.

I gave it the premise of a story "A HR Manager who is secretly a zombie starts working at a company. Everyone thinks that he is just a normal person, but they soon find out that he is a zombie who wants to eat their brains."

And this is what it printed out --- Do share your comments :)

"In any company, the human resources (HR) department plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization. They manage everything from recruiting and hiring to training and development, and provide support to employees in various aspects of their work lives. However, what if one of the HR managers in your company turned out to be a zombie?

It may sound like the plot of a horror movie, but imagine a scenario where a zombie has infiltrated your workplace in the guise of an HR manager. This undead being may look like any other person, but their insatiable hunger for brains puts everyone in the office in danger.

At first, no one suspects a thing. The new HR manager is a friendly and helpful person, always ready to listen to the concerns of employees and offer solutions to their problems. They appear to be highly efficient in their work, always meeting their deadlines and getting things done.

However, things soon start to change. People start disappearing from the office, and no one can explain where they have gone. Rumors start to circulate about a mysterious creature lurking in the shadows, and employees begin to feel increasingly uneasy about coming to work.

It is only when one brave employee decides to investigate that the truth is finally revealed. The HR manager is not a human being, but a zombie who has infiltrated the company to feed on the brains of its employees. They have been using their position to gain access to the staff members, luring them into secluded areas where they can be devoured without anyone noticing.

With the truth finally out in the open, panic spreads through the office. Everyone is terrified of the zombie, who they now know is their HR manager. They begin to wonder if any of their colleagues are also secretly zombies, waiting to pounce on them when they least expect it.

In such a situation, the company needs to take immediate action to protect its employees. The first step is to isolate the zombie HR manager, preventing them from coming into contact with anyone else. Then, the company should call in a team of experts to deal with the situation, including medical professionals and law enforcement.

The employees also need to be reassured that the company is taking their safety seriously. Regular communication should be established to keep them informed of the steps being taken to address the situation, and counseling services should be provided to help those who have been traumatized by the experience.

In conclusion, having a zombie HR manager in your company is not something anyone would want to deal with. It is a situation that requires swift and decisive action to protect the employees and restore a sense of safety and security to the workplace. It may sound like something out of a horror movie, but it is a reminder that we must always be vigilant and prepared for the unexpected, no matter where we work."

Disclaimer : This is not my work, nor do I claim this to be my writing. This is an as is copy / paste from the prompt to write a story on the provided tag line to CHATGPT.

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Khurram Rana