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Published Articles

Extra-role performance of nurses in healthcare sector of Pakistan

Authors: M Nawaz, G Abid, K S. Rana, M Ahmad

Impact of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) on aspects of personal and professional life

Authors: Khurram Shahnawaz Rana, Ghulam Abid, Asma Nisar, Muhammad Nawaz

Opposing Role of Prosocial Motivation and Job Insecurity Towards Employee Thriving: Moderating Role of Workplace Incivility

Authors: M Nawaz, K S. Rana, MZ Durrani, U Tahir, SMH Shah

The Influence of Social Norms and Entrepreneurship Knowledge on Entrepreneurship Intention: The Mediating Role of Personal Attitude

Authors: Khurram Shahnawaz Rana, Dr. Ghulam Abid, Dr. Muhammad Ahmad

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Khurram Rana