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Job vs Business

Almost every working person I have spoken to seems to have a dream of one day starting a "business'. Becoming an entrepreneur one day. They are aware of some examples from here and there and well this is the dream that keeps them moving on in the dull and monotonous existence with generally all jobs.

HR in general and many in particular are trying their best in Pakistan to engage employees and also align the development goals of the employees with the long term goals of the company, however it does not appear to be enough to stop the people from dreaming.

What is wrong with this dream?

Just that, a dream without any plan is just a dream :)

Generally of most people I spoke to over the last few years, very few had a business idea. Even fewer had any feasible plan to launch or finance it let alone any idea about running capital.

We have been reading for many years now that the #1 cause of business failing is that the investors / owners did not plan for enough running capital and perhaps had over enthusiastic sales figures which resulted in cash flow problems and eventually inability to operate.

So which is better?

Can we really classify?

Should we?


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Khurram Rana