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Post Pandemic learning initiatives

There was a time when many articles or stories would begin with the phrase “In a fast-paced world…” which I feel now has transformed to During the pandemic, during the lockdown, emerging from recession / unemployment etc.

During the lockdown and so on. I think you get the drift.

Employers in the corporate sector have come up with powerful tactics to establish a culture of learning where the most essential skills are “unlearning and then relearning”. Gone are the days when employees would be asked to gather in a room to attend a corporate training; the focus has now shifted to learning. The way we pursue knowledge and skills in the workplace has changed once again.

According to Forbes, the corporate training market is over $130 billion in size which is massively affected. Corporate learning is the new key to success – it is the development of relevant skills required to face day-to-day challenges at the workplace and the rest of your triumph depends on how you make use of it.

The sooner you learn from the knowledge that comes to you, the more chance you have to climb the ladder of success quicker.

Many organizations around the globe have followed in the footsteps of the world’s top tech company Google that gives its employees room to grow. Perhaps the best reasons are that corporate learning leads to improved performance of the employees, increased standards of quality, innovative ideas, and better reputation of the organization. Employees feel a sense of competition that increases their productivity on the individual level.

Businesses, large or small, are hugely dependent on the quality of work its workforce produces. Every individual today requires a different skill of set and it is very likely that one person cannot do another person’s job without having learned the skill. Hence the employers get their work done faster and more efficiently because the right skills and efforts are put in for the job. This further leads to more ROI and hence the purpose of the business served right.

Back in the day, many organizations and educational institutes hired renowned trainers and highly-experienced professionals to educate people. These trainers would give sessions on a topic, share their experiences, and ask related questions to the audience. This would mean that an individual gained enough understanding to kick-start his/her career or move up the ladder also known as promotion.

However, learning has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. In modern day when interactive learning is the new black, people tend to learn through socializing with peers at cafes, teashops, and workshops and micro-learning through tutorials/vlogs on websites like Udemy, YouTube, and Skillshare etc. In the wide-ranging skills from marketing to setting up your own business, there’s nothing you can’t find. You might as well find more than what you are looking for and that would help you jump ahead of your colleagues and friends in the corporate world.

Traditional corporate training exists but its significance has weakened over time. It’s a new world out there with more and more to explore in a short span of time. You see why would anyone opt for macro-learning that is time-consuming and lacks support for topic-based problems when micro-level learning is just a tap away? Just google it and you’ll be good to go!

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