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Thank you HR People !

Often heard in the HR fraternity – HR is a thankless job. I guess the joy is in the job.

While many brilliant and happy HR professionals exist, many have adjusted to being more dedicated to their profession than the expectation of any kind of acknowledgement from others in the organization.

The role of a Human Resources (HR) professional very simply put is to manage the people of an organization, which includes recruiting, hiring, training, and developing employees, as well as managing employee relations, compensation, and benefits.

However, the reality in most cases is that the job of an HR professional can be a thankless and stressful one.

One of the major stressors for HR professionals is the constant pressure to make difficult decisions. They are often responsible for making decisions that may not be popular with employees or management, such as layoffs, terminations, and disciplinary actions. These decisions can have a significant impact on the lives of the employees affected, and the HR professional may bear the brunt of the blame when things go wrong.

Additionally, they may also be faced with the difficult task of mediating conflicts between employees and management. This can lead to high levels of stress and burnout.

Another major stressor for HR professionals is the long working hours. They are expected to be always available to employees and management, which can lead to a constant feeling of being overwhelmed and overworked. This can take a toll on their mental and physical health, as well as their personal and professional relationships.

Furthermore, the nature of the job is such that it can be emotionally taxing for the HR professionals.

They have to deal with sensitive matters such as harassment, discrimination, and other forms of misconduct. This can take a heavy toll on their mental health, as they are often the first point of contact for employees who are going through difficult situations. They may also have to deal with the emotional fallout from terminations and other difficult decisions.

Another aspect is the constant need to adapt to new regulations and laws. The field of human resources is constantly evolving, and HR professionals must stay up to date with the latest regulations and laws to ensure that their organization is in compliance. This can be a time-consuming and stressful task, as it requires a significant amount of research and attention to detail.

Another contributor to stress and unhappiness in the life of an HR professional is the lack of recognition and appreciation for their work. The role of an HR professional is often behind the scenes, and they may not receive the same level of recognition and appreciation as other members of the organization. This can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration more specially so since the HR teams work so aggressively to ensure that the rest of the organization has an effective reward and recognition mechanism.

Being an HR fraternity member myself, I may be a bit biased ( I can admit that ) – but over the years I have seen far too much truth in this and it is not amusing when someone says “ What does HR even do ? “

So, I want to take this moment to thank all fellow HR professionals for the awesome accomplishments,


to the fresh graduates thinking of joining the HR profession – Besides being thankless – everything is absolutely a joy about what we do every single day.

There is rarely a boring day in HR

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Khurram Rana