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What am I doing now a days?

I find a lot of solace reciting various tasbih before I sleep. I don't exactly know if it is a spiritual or religious context. However remembering my creator for sometime is really helping put my life and its elements in to perspective.

Reaching out in one way I guess. I remember meeting a very senior business executive (ex) in Toronto, Canada back in the 2000's who left his high profile C level job at a huge corporation in downtown after two heart attacks, a divorce and some stents if I recall correctly to start driving his own cab.

He was as happy as can be. A perfectly furnished bachelor apartment with sort of a concrete finish and a genuine literary glow to the place.

One thing that I saw there, and learnt later in life was that there will always be work, tasks and jobs / ventures. We will HAVE to make time for ourselves.

This "ourselves" includes family, friends, and just me.

So what do I enjoy besides spending time with my lovely soul mate , kids and family - well I love to try new fragrances of oodh on the incense burner. I like being online in one way or another. I like talking about absolutely nothing but a lot :)

No hashtags on this one.

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