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A brief history of HR Managers ( of sorts )

Human Resource management is not a new concept. Thou, I believe it has been standardized much recently, the railway applications or the Ford motor company etc models. Nevertheless, it has been around since the stone age.

Imagine group hunting expeditions.

The recruitment and or temporary staffing based on skills or previous success of individuals. Compensation based on hierarchy in the group. Rewards or bonuses based on involvement in the sucess of the hunt. Certificates or “employee of the month” in the form of celebrations or victory paintings on walls with reference to one hunter.

Retirement benefits for older group members who are not able to hunt ( work ).

See the similarity… that's why I always say that being an HR manager is not being an MBA or CHRP certified… its about an attitude, a set of behavioral skills that make the difference between an ordinary number puncher and an exceptional HR visionary.

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Khurram Rana