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We are programmed – like it or not

Every single one of us is programmed from day 1, if not before. The whole prequel to this “indoctrination” begins in the womb when the mother is able to influence the developing embryo. This takes the basic form of the mother singing soothing lullabies or praying particular religious hymns etc. An aggressive unfriendly environment has also been shown to have detrimental effects of the developing fetus.

After birth, something we follow perhaps genetically and others we acquire from out surrounding. Some of us “out grow” specifically the prejudice we are explicitly and implicitly taught while other appear to have outgrown them and yet at some moments when it may matter the basal instinctual programming takes lead.

Similar is the positive effect of this indoctrination.

Now how do be decide what kind of influence is positive and which is negative?

Maybe pre-birth things are not in our control. Maybe they have little to none long term inclusion in our personality. Maybe ….

But what about the absorption we do everyday ?

Did you know that there are most likely about the same amount of media outlets online for any 2 opposite schools of thought?

You choose your own meals. Media meals that is.

We ingest what we believe to be the truth. Not what may or may not be. Perhaps we all know subconsciously that there is no absolute thought. Maybe every believe is based on a little truth which got diluted along the way. You get enough people saying the same thing – and suddenly you will also have the same group calling that the “absolute” truth.

While not everything is in our own control – we should try to keep what little there is within our control.

We choose the AI based suggestion and recommendations on YouTube, FB etc. etc. by the search, like, share (social interaction) history on the internet. It actually reinforces our own biases. ( a bias is a one sided view not necessary bad / good ).

Just as one we used to believe if its printed – It must be the truth. There are many people today who believe that if its on the internet – it must be the truth.

Sometimes, it a good start of a day to go out, enjoy nature and de-digitize yourself for sometime before taking the plunge in to the online world. This is becoming more difficult now specially with Metaverse kind of virtual reality taking over. Never imagined that selling / buying a virtual yacht for millions of dollars ( actual money) would be considered legal.

Best wishes people to each their own poison.


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Khurram Rana