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Learn to move on from a mistake

To err is human. What does this mean for a professional ?

We make many small mistakes almost everyday from something like a missed formula on an excel report to sending an email to the wrong person. It usually doesn’t take much effort to recover from these.

What about grave mistakes. Larger ones. Ones that can have an impact on your career?

I have met many people during interviews who for instance made a bad career move and joined a company which oversold itself and eventually became quicksand for the person literally draining him.

Also there are some who joined a company purely due to a great package only to loose the job sometime later because the company was being investigated for shareholder fraud etc. Then there are the startups which offer very attractive lump sum salary with no other benefits with a pinch of uncertainty termed as “exciting startup “, however only 1 out of 10 startups lives past the first year. So while it may appear very exciting, but there is a huge risk involved.

As a fresh graduate, it may pay to play it conservatively and aim for larger companies, with a well defined career path, learning and development programs and a history of employee retention specially when the market was down.

Always remember that we are just humans and as such as prone to make mistakes. Some may be small while others monstrous. However nothing should stop you from a simple “Sorry” (even if it is to your own self).


Because acknowledgement that you did something wrong is the first step in correcting it.


So you made a mistake. Whatever it was. Start by accepting, then making ammends and moving on to something else. Try and not repeat the same mistake in your life – and there you go – You did it !

If you made a huge blunder or mistake in choosing a company, or switching from a good company to a bad one or anything else along the lines – the things may not work our again at the better or previous company -0- But this will get meter for you once you accept and start to transition in to your better self.

I live by the rule that my progress may be slow, but if I am even a little better today, then I was yesterday – I am happy

Pep Talk Pakistan by Hassan Raza did a feature the other day with myself, Faisal Bhatti from Netsol and Masooma Zeeshan (recently from Confiz) mainly talking about the same topic of bouncing back from mistakes and what fresh graduates should be looking for etc. Both these professionals are as talented and amazing as they come. The session was definitely enjoyable for me, I am very sure that it would be the same for everyone who listened in.

Do visit the while recorded live session at Pep Talk Pakistan.

I will be writing a article on PeP Talk Pakistan very soon, so do look out for that.

I leave you with a few “wise” words

Be a mentor & have a mentor.

Always remember to accept what’s wrong, that is the only way to correct it.

More later.

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