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Never give up

Life is a narrative. As with stories, there is no absolute. The best book you have read will likely have a mix of satire, comedy, optimism mixed with pessimism and so on. A tragedy too will have elements of joy if it is generally to be enjoyed by people at large.

The same is true for like. The challenge as always remains to find joy when things are not going your way. Easily enough I guess is to remind one self in moments of euphoria to relax and enjoy and as “this too will pass”

The crust of life to me is to “Never give up”.

Work hard, work smart, treat losses as a learning opportunity and wins as a moment to enjoy the feeling and move on – move on in every case. Keep working towards your goal.

The interesting thing about goal to me is that while the overall goal may be the same, the milestone will definitely need to be changed dynamically and along the way to adjust for lessons learnt and how improvements can be brought about in the path.

The economic times at the moment are challenging for everyone I know and can think of not only here but around the world. However if history is any proof “this too shall pass”. Those who have given up during these times have caused damage to the ones they leave behind at least in my opinion. Those who persevered saw the silver lining and clung on to that.

The current job market is acting almost in extremes. There are companies hiring, even offering much more pay that market to attract talent while similar companies who did this a few months ago are also laying off or shutting down altogether. The employable people are set with a very difficult choice – Do I take this “risk” or not?

What I have observed over the last year is that for some this risk has worked out while for others the same has been disastrous. So where do we draw the line? What exactly is going to happen?

I assume the same as always. The market goes down, recession, companies close, people loose their jobs – then market revives, economic trends start to steer upwards, companies either survive or new ones open up – start looking for people. Some people would have adapted – learnt new skills maybe and they will once again join the upward ride.

This roller coaster goes on.

If one this is a constant as everyone knows – its is constant change.

Keep learning and you will be surprised by your wins when you look back !


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Khurram Rana