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Strange questions asked by HR

Currently working on this content and video.

Published a blog post on yesterday:

We do ask a ton of strange questions in interviews such as:

  1. Tell us about yourself

  2. Sell me this pen

  3. Five things you can do with a pencil beside writing

  4. Ever boiled an egg?

  5. How lucky do you think you are and why?

  6. Can you sing?

  7. Are you married OR when are you planning to get married?

  8. Let’s assume you are working with us for about a year, and then one day while you are at work you win the lottery amounting to USD 5 Million. What will your first action be and why?

  9. How would you design a home tool rack for the blind?

And the list goes on.

Have you faced any questions from HR that made you say …. ” what was that again ?? ”

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