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Tips for an effective interview post Pandemic

Moving through messages and comments on various social media, it appears fairly easy to infer that the population is generally feeling very frustrated at this time.

There is mainly one culprit – COVID-19 , and then multiple offshoots of the same. The effects of the pandemic on everyone.

  • Working from home

  • Being unemployed

  • Unable to travel, go outside or even meet with friends like one used to

  • and so on…. the list goes on

The result has been that there is a considerable amount of frustration in the individuals and this generally they will take out at just about anyone or anything.

I have noted people venting at companies that they have nothing to do with, trash talking about politics ( for the same parties / politicians ) that they are huge supporters of, agitated driving (currently) and even anger with fellow professionals who do not accept their version of reality.

I truly support everyone’s right to their opinion, however we must realize that we are under stress, and one byproduct of that stress is frustration. Its NORMAL. It happens to the best of us.

One, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Accept things as they are and remember , we may not be able to control everything around us – BUT we can always control HOW we react to it !

Lets be positive, lets not blame and work together to a better word post COVID-19 !!

So what do we do for the interviews:

1- Remember be positive even if you dont get hired.

2- I hope you have taken the time home during the pandemic to learn something new ( online course or upgraded a skill) – Use that to show initiative.

3- Update your resume, proof read it.

4- Practice an elevator pitch in front of the mirror a few times

5- An elevator pitch is simply a few lines that you would say to “sell” yourself.

6- I will post on this later.

Everything else is the same as it was before, and fortunately getting better !

Would love to hear your thoughts on the same.

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