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Why do you get rejected in interviews – the truth !

This article applies to those of us who have been rejected in interviews. So if, you have not had the fortune of learning from this experience – do not read further.

Lets start from Rule No. 1 :

Preparation !

There is no alternative to this. Prepare for the interview. How does one prepare?

  1. Appropriate attire

  2. ensure you have had good rest the night before

  3. browse the internet for information about the positions and business of the company.

  4. Any new projects or milestones for the company that you know of during the interview add value to your appearance as an “aware” candidate.

  5. If you are a fresh candidate – ALWAYS refresh your prime courses.

  6. Be confident – yet never be over confident.

  7. Generally take notes.

So now that you are prepared , and I am assuming that you have already sent an updated resume with relevant details instead of the generic ones.

You go in the interview —

You do not get selected.

No worries. This is what you do now:

  1. Be rational and think of the interview.

    1. What could you have done better?

    2. what could you do different?

  1. Here is the biggest take away for you ! [Stop finding faults in the others – HR, Hiring manager, company, society , system ! ]

  2. Look at your self objectively and that will ensure that you will get better then you are today !

SO : Why DO you get rejected in interviews?

The opposite of everything that will get you to pass the interview.

Ok, not so easy.

The reality is that the market dictates a reasonable portion of your selection chances. The reason being the competition. If there are a 100 others who are exactly like you… why should someone hire YOU?

If you focus on self improvement, focus on gaining new skills that are less likely to be in everyone’s profiles and of course are relevant, there your chance just increased.

So, besides the usual list of being prepared, informed about the position and company, appropriately dressed, confident etc … you must also stand out from the competition.

Remember GMAC reports that there are over 250,000 students enrolled in MBA programs while annually about a 100,000 MBA degrees are awarded. That is just the USA.

Now consider your respective field.

How many graduated in your batch? your city etc?

It should give you a simple idea of what you are against.

So stop trying to find faults on the other side ( even if there are faults) … focus on improving yourself.

If you do stand out , one place may discriminate for some reason, but you will find the direction and place that you deserve very soon !!

Best wishes and a tablet to keep notes and study online classes always helps!

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